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If you think you may be interested in giving Scrivener a spin, take a look at some of the core features that I find to be its biggest selling points, helping me streamline my writing process and build better stories:.

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Let's start off with a bang! One of Scrivener's best features, in my opinion, is in its core set-up. Scrivener files are called projects, not documents, because a project itself can house endless files and folders in an easy-to-navigate sidebar called the Binder. Gone are the days of housing an entire manuscript in a single document or shifting between dozens of files to find the right set of notes.

Every last scrap of your work has a home in a single Scrivener Project, making organization and navigation a breeze.

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The Scrivener program features a bevy of tools and capabilities. Understanding these options can be tricky at first, but once you get to know the program, you can easily utilize and navigate between tools by customizing the Toolbar that runs along the top of the Scrivener interface. Do you thrive off the healthy pressure a few goals and deadlines can provide? Allow Scrivener to hold you accountable by setting targets for individual documents or for your project as a whole! You can even activate progress bars and push notifications to help you keep on track.

With Scrivener, you easily view your notes while you write or reference multiple chapters at once by splitting the Editor to view two documents at a time.

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You can then add yet another two documents to each Editor's Copyholder — the virtual version of spreading notes across your desk! Beyond merely housing all of your chapters, scenes, and notes within a single project, Scrivener also allows you to import and organize nearly any form of research, including text documents, images, audio and video files, webpages, multi-markdown files, and even other Scrivener projects.

Easily distracted by the internet, or even all the features Scrivener has to offer? You can easily tune them out when the time comes to simply sit down and write by working in Scrivener's full-screen Composition Mode.

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Yes, please! Get organized and capture all of those wayward thoughts while you work by making use of many of the features found in Scrivener's secondary sidebar: the Inspector. Give your document a synopsis, take notes on your progress, and leave comments on specific lines of text to remember down the line. No need to create a new document to start your next draft or fret over regretting any changes you may make to your work.

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With Snapshots, you can take a picture of your document before revising. If you later decide you don't like the changes you've made, you can easily view your old work or even revert back to the version of your document featured in your Snapshot. Scrivener includes countless features to help you stay on top of the complexities involved in writing a novel. You can easily outline and re-order your story using Corkboard and Outliner modes, mark files with Labels and Statuses, and even tag documents with particular Keywords for easy searching. Want to export your manuscript as a PDF? Outreach coordinator Winnie Humberson thinks of new ways to share science stories with the public.

We made puzzles based on some of our best satellite imagery. The puzzles tell a story that people can actually put together. One of our most difficult and most informative puzzles shows Earth at night.


It is difficult because a large portion of the puzzle is the ocean, which is all the same color blue, but the end result is exciting because you see Earth at night from a global perspective. To teach the impact of our carbon footprints, we developed a fun game. We use wheels made out of paper to count our personal carbon footprint based on our interactions.

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To teach about the sun, we use ultraviolet beads with ribbons or pipes. These can be made into key chains and can detect the amount of ultraviolet light in the surrounding environment. The beads change color according to the strength of the ultraviolet light. In , we came up with the well-recognized NASA science calendar. Now everyone wants one! I can always sit back and look from the outside in to get a different perspective.

I allow myself to see possibilities and then create opportunities. I very seldom get discouraged. When it happens, it becomes a challenge.

I usually get good results! There is always another door. If something is beyond my control, then I look for that other door. I have a degree in accounting with a minor in hotel management from a college in Taiwan where I was born.

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I later went back to school for graphic design to learn about designing beautiful exhibits. I understand what they want and how it feels because I was once in their shoes. Now, I do. In , I saw a tiny ad in the Baltimore Sun for a keypunch operator in procurement. Back then computers were all keypunch machines.