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Kym Marsh's daughter praises brave Coronation Street star after miscarriage scenes aired. Mrs Brown is getting a Saturday night chat show. Coronation Street viewers in tears after Paul Foreman retells his abuse ordeal.

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Coronation Street fans in shock as Daniel Osbourne reveals age. Hollyoaks spoilers: Breda gives Sylver McQueen an ultimatum. Coronation Street: Gemma's mum vs. Who doesn't have a Kelly Kapoor in their life,. Makeup used to be Laverne Cox's armor.

Michelle Pfeiffer Shocks De Niro With Filthy Language - The Graham Norton Show

Like her hair arguably the cutest blonde bob in Hollywood , Kristen Bell's skin is perfection. The consummate girl-next-door could still pass for a. At the start of the second season, the Monterey mom is left reeling.

  • EastEnders fan shocked as Sharon and Michelle swear four times pre watershed?
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Once upon a time, Elizabeth Holmes was America's youngest self-made female billionaire and the head of biotech company Theranos, which promised new. Contrary to what you may have read at the nail salon or in the checkout line, celebrities are not just like us.

Last time we checked, we didn't have a. In case you haven't heard, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are getting married — again.

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The couple technically exchanged vows in May in a Las Vegas wedding. Charlize Theron has made a sport out of surprising us with dramatic new looks. Expletives are sometimes used for emphasis. Beto O'Rourke dropped an f-bomb to describe how proud he was of the people who worked on his campaign.

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Politicians also use profanity to express a heightened level of outrage and draw attention to something. It's been retweeted more than 38, times and liked more than , times, far more than any of her other tweets this month. Bernie Sanders, a Vermont independent, leads Congress with 41 uses of profanity.

But the politician with the most colorful Twitter feed is Sherry Frost, a Democrat in New Hampshire's state House who has used words from the list times since She's dropped the f-bomb when telling her followers to vote, and added "Damn" when she retweeted a statistic about how slowly the minimum wage in Texas had grown compared with the cost of college.

Sinead is laid to rest

Frost said she has some constituents who appreciate her language. And to those who don't, she said, if they're more offended by the language she uses than what she's using it to draw attention to, "then you're part of the problem.

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  5. Michelle Obama's swear word about 'Lean In' and the rise of profanity in politics. Speaking at a "Becoming" tour stop for her Posted: Dec 3, PM. Scroll for more content Severe Weather.