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Her fortune would relieve the Duke of a wearisome b This romance, with a twist of the exotic, features the Marquis of Anglestone who has been blackmailed by a previous lover. Rather than face the consequences of disgrace he takes a wager to follow the ancient Incense Route into the Forbidden City of M While Corena Melville waits for her father to return from Greece she receives a horrifying demand for ransom. Unless she delivers Lord Warburton, a noted collector of antiques shortly to visit Delphi, into the hands of bandits, her father will be tor Fleeing the cruel threat of a forced Marriage, the Honourable Thelma Fern rode towards an unknown future -- straight into the arms of love!

The Earl of Merstone was instantly attractive, as noble in spirit as in name.

He had been treacherously impove England, The Duke of Mortlyn was as stubborn as he was handsome -- and he was the most handsome man Selma Linton could imagine. The villagers affectionately named her the White Witch, and indeed, only her remarkable gift for herbal healing ena And though the Duc was as scandalously handsome as his shocking reputation, between him and the innocently lov The Marquis of Vale was handsome and wealthy - but utterly bored with London's predictable pleasures and amorous titled beauties. Then an early-morning message plunged him into a perilous maelstrom of intrigue in the Far East, and the unexpected rapt Felicita had never known such despair, not even as a penniless and hungry seamstress.

Now, splendidly dressed and honored as a noblewoman, the beautiful young woman would pay the price.. For when the handsome and toweringly proud Marques Alvaro le Widowed after only weeks of marriage to an elderly American, young and lovely Crisa Royden is burdened with a staggering fortune and dreadful in-laws. Determined to escape from them shy Crisa boards the Europe-bound La Touraine with an assumed identi When her beloved brother incurs a disastrous gambling debt, lovely Carmella knows that his reckless plan offers their only hope of escaping disgrace.

But does their host, the formidable Marquis of Ingleton, really believe her to be a worldly Society Lady Loretta's father has arranged for her to marry the son of le Duc de Sauerdun, the dashing Fabian, Marquis de Sauerdun.

Knowing that it is usual amongst the French and British aristocrats to arrange marriages for their children, Loretta is still Lovely Gytha Sullivan learns on her grandfather's death she will inherit a huge fortune with the Devil's choice of marriage to one of her detestable cousins. Desperately Gytha begs Lord Locke, a dauntingly handsome country neighbor, to help her.

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In Germany on a delicate mission for the Prince of Wales, Lord Braydon finds himself in danger and in love with Loelia Standish, a young woman determined to save her father from the Kaiser's grasp Ina Wescott was young, innocent, and desperate. Alone and penniless, she turned to her aunt, the celebrated - and notorious - retired actress, Rosie Rill. But Rosie had plans of her own for the sheltered country beauty: a drama of heartbreak and reve Lord Hue, the Earl of Dolphinston, was the cynosure of the sparkling, scandalous Marlborough House set. But while jaded court beauties vied for his favors, the passionate and dangerous Lady Hester Stansfield plotted to make the handso An adventurer was planning an expedition to recover an ancient Roman treasure -- at the expense of the wealthy, handsome Marquis of Quinbourne, who was cynical but amused.

But less amusing was the adventurer's mysteriously lovely daughter, the solemn Marriage to a Duke? The lovely orphaned Katrina Darley never expected to find herself engaged to the dashing, influential Duke of Lyndbrooke Harry, Arilla's London cousin, agrees to help her in her attempt to find a wealthy suitor Neula and her mother were safe, for the moment. Neula's stepfather would never seek his runaway wife at her childhood home, now the property of the notorious Marquis of Kerne, dubbed 'the Pied Piper' for the conquests that were the scandal of the Cou Zenobia and her father Lord Chadwell, have travelled all over the world, but when he dies, she finds that her stepmother has spent all of his money, and she intends to marry Zenobia to one of her own lovers.

Because Zenobia is fluent in the Eastern When lovely Filipa Seymour agreed to impersonate one of London's notorious Pretty Horse-Breakers, the country-bred beauty had no idea that she would win a race -- and lose her heart to the magnificent Marquis of Kilne.

And when the handsome, jaded pe To help the elopement of her worldly cousin, the exquisite Lady Charis, shy, delicately lovely Alecia Stambrook agrees to impersonate her in France at the Headquarters of the Army of Occupation, where her Guardian -- the handsome but frightening Lord She meets the dashing Tarquil, Laird of Cowan, whose clan has been feuding with hers and they team up against a greater enemy! England, The victim of a tyrannical uncle and cousin, enchanting Ula Forde flees their grip, only to be rescued by the very man her beautiful but heartless cousin has betrayed.

The Marquis of Raventhorpe pledges to avenge the cruelty to which b Madrid, Lovely Valeda Alcester has adventurously agreed to pose as Governess to her young niece, a charade devised by her scheming sister to ensnare the elusive Don Carlos, Marques de Silvala. But inspired by the beauty of Spain, Valeda finds Lord Hugo Chester, the Duke of Wynchester was easily the most eligible man in Queen Victoria's London, the dream of every unmarried girl in society.

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And of one married lady as well: the splendid and imperious Lady Olive Brandon, the D Far from the dazzle and extravagance of London's society, Nerissa Stanley and her brother lead a quiet country life as she keeps house for her father, a distinguished but impoverished author. Suddenly their elder sister Delphine arrives. Some years b Home once more after the glorious adventure of Wellington's brilliant victories, the Marquis of Heroncourt -- shockingly handsome and exceedingly eligible -- was bored.

Then Lady Mimosa Field, delicately lovely and frightened, appeared on the thresh Helga Wensley is hiding in London from her stepfather. She takes a role in the Duke of Rocklington's private play only to find out that she may play a more permanent role in his life! To the honorable Anthea Brooke, raised in genteel country poverty the lavish and worldly pleasures of the haughty and handsome Marquis of Eaglescliffe -- new owner of her ancestral home -- were more puzzling than shocking.

How could the sheltered bea Princess Giona's young and tender beauty was pledged to a loveless alliance of State with King Ferdinand of Slavonia, the old and cruel Monarch who lived in terror of the brave and handsome rightful King Miklos. But Giona's proud heart was with the r Paris, Excessively handsome and exceedingly wealthy, Lord Thornton Kyleston, the Earl of Kyleston faced two mighty dangers. In England, the beautiful and determined Lady Irene Curtis impatiently awaited his return, while in Paris, the winds of Black magic?

Dorina Stanfield, the Vicar's young and lovely daughter could not believe that she was hearing Jarvis Yarde's murderous incantations against the one man who stood between himself and the ancient Earldom of Yardcombe.

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Yet it was true Impoverished but beautiful Salrina could hardly believe what she was hearing. A French plot to kill the prince regent! She must tell someone -- and her only choice seemed to be the cynical, arrogant, maddeningly handsome Earl of Fleetwood, her next-d Without thinking, she fired her own pistol Idona was horrified to learn that before her After he unexpectedly returns to Paris, handsome but cynical Lord Kirkly takes on the cause of Otilia Ashe, a very pretty, desperate young heiress, and becomes involved in a scheme he will surely regret Yet the handsome young Duke of Invercaron knew this was a secret battle that honor and duty must win.

But something was wrong Tiny, golden-haired Farica Chalfont had much to think about: The intriguing yet cunning Earl of Lydbrooke had proposed marriage, and she suspected more for her fortune than her beauty. She had gone riding to try and decide whether to Schooled at the most elite academies, violet-eyed Ilita Darrington-Coombe lived in pampered luxury. Then tragedy struck: her father died and a spiteful, bitter aunt exiled her to decaying Lyss Castle.

Ilita was unaware how her courageous spirit and h In the exclusive worlds of Paris and London, exquisite Kitrina had little more than the angelic beauty born of her parents scandalous love. Then the handsome, bold worldly wise Marquis of Elkesley knew all too clearly the shining young woman's future Dordogne, Governess in the ancient and splendid chateau of the Duc Etienne de Sauterre!

To exquisite young Lady Arletta Cherrington-Weir, left penniless and alone by her father's death, the timely job seemed the fairy-tale answer to a young wom He would have kissed her again but she put up her hand Vida Anstruther knows there is no other way. Her father, the Crown's most brilliant diplomat, has disappeared in Hungary, and his sudden silence has become ominous. When official channels prove helpless, it is up to the brave young beauty to di The queen's request was, of course, a command, intended to cure the maddeningly handsome Marquis of Weybourne of his dangerous penchant for the wives of peers.

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Still, London's most eligible bachelor, with his spellbinding charm, was an odd choice of It was obvious to Delysia that her lovely sister, Fleur, was deeply in love with young Lord Sheldon, and he with her. The Marquis of Falcon needed a wife in a hurry. The solution seemed simple: marry the daughter of his fabulously wealthy country neighbor, the Earl of Warnborough. Then a misunderstanding saw him married to the wrong daughter, but the right wife--and Lovely, impetuous Aldora rejects the advances of the dashing and rakish Duke of Wydeminster until a close encounter with disaster gives her new insight into her feelings.

It was unlikely that her guardian, the Earl of Denholme, would trace her to the French countryside where she reigned--as chef to the Marquis de Sare! The Marquis himself seldom visited the chateau--caught up as he was in His sister's folly and an aristocratic thief had combined to threaten the reputation of Lord Mere's family. The handsome peer was forced to leave his London pleasures for the ancient palazzi of Florence. While he is recovering his sister's valuable n But now that Fate had made Warren master of the same title, Magnol Was it the power of love itself that cast Lydia and the Earl ashore under the sensuous Hawaiian sun?

Never would they be free to speak of the love that devoured them -- and that could never be theirs, prisoners as they both were to the code of honor Miklos drew in his breath. Then he was kissing her again, kissing her with long, slow, passionate kisses that made her quiver in his arms, and she knew When fog maroons the dashing Duke of Marazion at a bleak inn, he soothes his restless soul with a brandy, a book, and a roaring fire.

Never does he suspect that the furtive knock at his door will reveal the lovely artist Ilitta, or that he will guide Tony Burke, the son of Lord Birkenhall, persuades his sister Octavia to run away with him in order to avoid the debts left by their father. Tony plans to meet up with the girl he hopes to marry. But when they meet in Alexandria, there's no room for O For a moment Rocana found it impossible to believe that the idea of the Marquis of Quorn driving some beautiful lady as he had driven her could evoke an agonizing sensation, which she though was even more painful than the wound in her arm had been.

When the Marquis of Ardley boasts that he could always tell a woman of high breeding, Lord Frodham and Sir James Overton decide to take up the challenge to find a woman who can fool him. On their way, they rescue beautiful Indira and persuade her to Minella faced the Earl, her eyes flashing with anger. Then tears suddenly blinded her eyes and ran down her cheeks. She felt the Earl's arms go round her. She put her face against his shoulder and went on crying. Pandia looked down at the book in her hand.

Then as if he could not wait for her answer Lord Silvester asked: "Have you thought about me? Sandra is the exquisite only daughter of Lord Blackstone. When a stepmother's hatred forces her to flee her beloved home, Sandra becomes companion to the celebrated Countess of Kyle. The boldest day-dreams of this country beauty are surpassed when ro Lady Alvina Harling tore from her bedroom and along the corridor towards the master suite on the other side of the castle.

She turned the handle and went into the small and elegant hall. There was one light flickering low in a sconce When Diona Grantley becames an orphan at her father's death, she is compelled to live with her uncle, Sir Hereward Grantley and his dim-witted son Simon. Her father died in debt, Her only comfort is her beloved dog, a Dalmatian called Because of her gypsy ancestry Princess Laetitia invoked the help of Romanies to waylay the King Viktor of Zvotana in the guise of a dancer to do whatever she could to prevent his betrothal to Stephanie, the girl her brother Kyril loved.

He looked down at her for a long moment. After the death of her mother, Lady Ivona is forced by her uncle and guardian to become a postulant in a convent noted for its severity. During the journey across Alsace she manages to elude her escort and shares an unexpected refuge with the D On a day unlike any other, Hermia Brooke, the poor but beautiful daughter of the Vicar of Little Millbrooke, stumbled upon a man who had difficulty removing a shoe from his horse's hoof in a country lane, and she helped him.

He was a dark and very s California, Amongst the mountains and lush plains of the American West, young and beautiful Lady Roberta Worth found the miracle of true love with the brilliant and passionate Adam Garson. But Adam's heart was torn between the spirited British The Duke of Tynemouth, who is having a wild affair with the Countess of Langstone, learns that Queen Victoria is planning that he should marry.

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In a desperate effort to escape and to save his reputation, the Duke agrees to marry the Countess's niece With her father dying of starvation, Lucia had to sell his paintings. In desperation she accosted the Marquis of Wynchcombe who, bored with life and his Venerian mistress, set taking coffee outside Florian's cafi. This meeting with a seeming be Zokala, Princess Ileana of Zokala was proud, headstrong, and fiercely devoted to her people.

Besieged by suitors at court, Princess Ileana vows never to marry. Yet the Statesmen decreed that she could never rule until she found a husband. How different it all was from the country parsonage she had left in England.

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It was exciting to be traveling alone, though a little frigh The Marquis of Oakenshaw is asked by the Foreign Secretary to visit Siam to reassure the King who has been upset by Britain and France quarrelling over the frontiers. A dashing, wealthy and handsome bachelor, the Marquis asks several friends to Fabia's hands were clasped together, her head was bent, and the Duke of Ilminster was aware that she was praying. Empty Mansions was great. Colossus non-fiction. He even makes you feel a little sorry for him. May I send you a complimentary copy?