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Alternatively, track down the guard and persuade him to turn off the air con! All in all, would we do it again? In a heartbeat. Was it good value for money? Most definitely. If you are considering going, the following might help Cambodia visas are arranged en route at the Border. Take a passport picture and 34 US dollars per visa - that is 30 US dollars for the visa and 4 US dollars for the guy who does the paperwork.

Cambodia's Border is an adventure in itself. Restaurants and hotels take credit cards. For Cambodia, take US dollars only.

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Our biggest expenditure was on tips - about US dollars per couple. This went to tour guides the Vietnam guides were wonderful, less so in Cambodia coach drivers, bell boys we hardly had to lift a suitcase , rickshaw drivers, sanpan rowers and the hard-working staff on both cruise boats. Wine in restaurants and hotels started at about 21 US dollars, with beer about 4 US dollars per can. Beer was a fraction of that if you bought it elsewhere. We used Boots Repel 5 Deet in the jungle areas and escaped with just one bite each.

At Hoi An, half way through the holiday, the tour guide arranged for laundry to be handed over to a woman who returned them in 24 hours clean, dry and pressed, sort of, for 2 US dollars per kilo. Lots of fish and seafood, much of which we had never heard of, and almost all of it delicious.

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We took immodium and dioralyte with us as you do and didn't need it, though two people on our trip did. The only disappointment was the coffee, which was not to our taste, and if English breakfast tea is your thing, best to take some with you. One in our group was allergic to nuts and another did not eat anything from the sea - both were catered for. I loved it, not sure about Mercury uk end but you could not fault the Tour guides on the tour. The logistics, information and what was offered were well worth the money, Latam not so great for economy passengers, but worth paying to upgrade to Buisiness on available flights.

Had a great time and meet some nice people, I thought it was well worth the money. I've just come back from a tour to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. The tour was perfectly organised and coordinated by Mercury Holidays. I can't imagine a better itinerary, including all the major sightseeing points in these 3 countries.

At the end you can't even believe you've managed to climb all those steps or see si many temples and pagodas. The hotels on the tour are perfect, the food is fresh and tasty, the guides are outspoken and extremely helpful. The programme could be a bit active for some people but you can always stay in the hotel and relax don 't miss the massage in Cambodia. I personally managed to do all the activities, did not miss anything on the itinerary and enjoyed every single bit of it!

The highlight of the tour to me is Hoi An - a fascinating town of the lanterns. It's so pretty, especially at night when all the lights are on. You feel as if you are in a fairy tale. I would like to thank Mercury Holidays for doing such a great job and also truly recommend this tour to anyone who wants to experience the real taste of Indochina. My favourite of all three countries is Vietnam because I fell in love with the people there who are so friendly and helpful, I also can say that the best food we had on the tour was in Vietnam and last but not least - you feel absolutely safe there.

I hope to go back to Vietnam soon and I will definitely do it with Mercury Holidays!

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Came back last week from our trip of a lifetime to Chile and more especially Easter Island and what a fantastic experience we had. We booked this holiday primarily because it seemed to have more to offer for your money than anything else, we are not on the scale of tailor made tours.

10 Mysterious Places Around Indochina – Part 1

We were far from disappointed and had the best holiday we could ever wish for. From the moment we arrived we had the most enthusiastic and informative guide you could wish for in Philippo, he had the most amazing tenor voice. The tours round Santiago were spectacular in the autumn colours. San Pedro de Atacama would have been an amazing destination on its own, a super friendly and bohemian town. Our guide Marco was fantastic, his knowledge on local geology and fauna was unsurpassable, for which we are most grateful.

The area is so beautiful, I defy you not to be in tears. Highly recommend booking an astronomy tour in town, fascinating. Then the biggie was Easter Island.

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Free at your leisure. Accommodation: Hotel in Hanoi. With its wide tree-lined boulevards, French colonial architecture, peaceful lakes and ancient oriental pagodas, Hanoi is an eclectic mix that offers something for everyone. The itinerary is a sample and it will be different between cruises. Today drive 2. Boarding your boat could involve navigating your way over and through other boats, moored between it and the dock, sometimes without handrails, ladders or assistance from staff.

Enjoy lunch on board as you cruise out into the bay, stopping to anchor for an afternoon of activities. Activities are subject to change due to cruise selection and weather conditions. Sightseeing usually includes visiting underground caves on the islands which involves climbing up and down lots of steps. End the day on deck with a drink in hand to watch the sunset over the bay followed by a freshly prepared dinner, before retiring to your cabin for the night.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. Accommodation: on cruise on Halong Bay. Enjoy a morning cup of coffee or tea, before setting out to explore the nearby islands by rowboat. Return to the junk for brunch then take advantage of the sundeck and admire the amazing rock formations of Bai Tu Long Bay as you navigate back to Halong City, where your driver will meet you at the dock and take you back to your hotel in Hanoi. This evening, attend The Quintessence of Tonkin show, an artistic open-air performance celebrating the rich history of northern Vietnam.

The show is performed once or twice a week, so please check with your travel consultant about the schedule. Otherwise, the remainder of the day is at your leisure. Meals: Brunch. Your time will be your own until your driver arrives to take you to Noi Bai International Airport for your departure flight. Safe travels! Experience the landscape and daily life of Mekong River Delta.

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Pyle is the brash young idealist sent out by Washington on a mysterious mission to Saigon, where the French Army struggles against the Vietminh guerrillas. Young Pyle's well-intentioned policies blunder into bloodshed while Fowler, a seasoned and cynical British reporter, finds it impossible to stand safely aside as an observer. Le Ly Hayslip was twelve years old when U. Nearly twenty years after she escaped to America, she returns to her homeland and loved ones, a joyous reunion juxtaposed with reflections of her turbulent past growing up amidst the Vietnam War. Robert McNamara was the official face of Vietnam, the technocrat with steel-rimmed glasses and an ironclad faith in numbers who kept insisting that the war was winnable long after he had ceased to believe it was.

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This brilliantly insightful, morally devastating book tells us why he believed, how he lost faith, and what his deceptions cost five of the war's witnesses and McNamara himself. At the height of the Vietnam conflict, a complex system of secret underground tunnels sprawled from Cu Chi Province to the edge of Saigon. They had only one enemy: U. Dana Sachs went to Hanoi when tourist visas began to be offered to Americans; young, hopeful, ready to immerse herself in Vietnamese culture.

After an initial culture shock, Vietnam gradually became the home she couldn't leave. Vann put his life and career on the line in an attempt to convince his superiors that the war should be fought another way. A haunting and critically acclaimed masterpiece, A Bright Shining Lie is a timeless account of the American experience in Vietnam. Norman Lewis traveled in Indo-China during the precarious last years of the French colonial regime. Much of the charm and grandeur of the ancient native civilizations survived until the devastation of the Vietnam War.

Lewis could still meet a King of Cambodia and an Emperor of Vietnam; in the hills he could stay in the spectacular longhouses of the highlanders; on the plains he could be enchanted by a people whom he found gentle, tolerant and dedicated to the pleasures and satisfactions of a discriminating kind.

Understanding Vietnam by Neil L. Set against the background of traditional Vietnamese culture, this book follows the saga of modern Vietnamese history and Western involvement in the country, from the coming of the French in through the Vietnam War and its aftermath. The Vietnamese are allowed to speak for themselves through poetry, fiction, essays, newspaper editorials and reports of interviews and personal experiences.

On June 8, , nine-year-old Kim Phuc, severely burned by napalm, ran from her blazing village in South Vietnam and into the eye of history. Her photograph was seen around the world and helped turn public opinion against the Vietnam War.