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You will keep the mate you have interested in you, keep your boss happy with your work, and keep your customers happy with your product or service. All you have to do is shift your attitude and the world around you should shift as well. If before you greeted each day with a sign and just trudged along and did the minimal to get by, you can change it all by greeting the day with a yahoo! The world around you has to adjust to the new you, and people will look at you differently when you are gung ho and striving to life the fullest life possible. But it all starts with an attitude change.

Can you change it? If yes, then do it, if no then just change the way you think about it. That provides the same result as changing it, but without having to make the effort of changing it. This is a great quote to remember whenever you feel like you are missing some key element that will make your life so much better.

You are not missing it, you already have it inside you you just need to bring it out.

21 Ways to Create and Maintain a Positive Attitude

You also have to look up to see rainbows. Mother Teresa knew a lot about what it means to live a powerful life full of purpose and how to leave a legacy. The things she did were not amazing by themselves, but it put into motion things that were absolutely amazing. As long as she made some ripples they would have an effect on the entire planet.

The funny thing is that you can apply this to the biggest goals in your life, the ones that seem like they are just not possible. Thoughts are things and when you change your thoughts you automatically change your world. Think about it this way, your world is constantly changing to your thoughts, which is why sometimes you have bad times and sometimes you have good times.

Sometimes things change for the best and sometimes they change for the worst, but it starts in your mind. You simply need to stick with good thoughts long enough so you give your world a chance to change accordingly.

The thing is to learn how to handle your problems and still maintain your happiness throughout the process. Most of the time when things look their worst people will think the worst, which only keeps them stuck in that disaster, or sets up the next disaster to descent upon them.

Learn to sing in the lifeboats when things start to look like a shipwreck, instead of feeling scared and helpless. Disney infused many of his films with positive messages about achieving your dreams and what it takes to live a magical life. Do you have the courage to pursue your dreams, and if so what have you done lately that is moving you forward towards your dreams.

Just remember that courage means feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

Everything you want is on the other side of fear. Instead of wishing that the world will change you have to be the change that you wish it would make. When you make positive changes to yourself you set an example for those around you to do the same. Instead of wishing that everyone would recycle, make sure that you are the master recycler. Instead of wishing that your loved ones would lose weight and be healthy, lead by example and get fit so that they can be inspired by you.

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Small changes can lead to big changes when others see what you can do. This is so true, but often people get it mixed around. Most often people will forget the good things and remember the bad things. Instead they should just forget those bad things and only try to remember the good things so more good things can come their way.

Breaking YES Attitude down, in order to build yours up!

The more you think about something the more of that you get. You just have to keep trying them again and again so that you get to the point where you can do them. There is such a huge shift in ease when you shift your mind over to wanting to do it. When you feel like you actually want to do it, it will become much easier than when you struggle to do it against your will. Take the time to celebrate often in your life. The point is to find something to celebrate each. The more you celebrate and have the feeling of celebration, the more things will arrive in your life that you can celebrate about.

If you save celebrations for an occasional thing, you will only have a few things a year to celebrate. Celebrating is like the ultimate form of thankfulness, and this is a powerful vibe to send out.

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Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way! Seuss quote that pretty much sums it up. Get out there and tackle your mountain each and every day.

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View Cart. Newsletter Subscribe Unsubscribe. Online slots for real money slotsdad. Can you spare 25 seconds to read about it? More info Reader Comments 1 Being a family man a lot of the work centres on or around events that happen within a large family, written in such a way that not only parents, but also their children can relate to the events.

From Comment Christine Thoroughly enjoyable read, triggering many personal memories for me and no doubt all his other readers of their own life's ups and downs. His writings swing from humour to thought provoking issues at the turn of a page. Often unexpected endings trigger a giggle or an outright laugh! No doubt every reader will have their personal favourites - whether it is the thought provoking insight into life for a Roman soldier on Hadrian's Wall, the humour of Nowt Doing or the tongue in cheek of family life of A Quiet Night In which touches you most - Ken's poetry is sure to leave you thinking about your own life and its ups and downs - smiling to yourself and thinking - "well - That's Life!

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